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Take the Stage at the 2020 Startup Spotlight

Shared mobility has moved from the sidelines into center stage, with micromobility (e-scootersharing and bikesharing), on-demand microtransit, autonomous technology and mobility service integration apps becoming increasingly commonplace. But what’s next? If you have a gamechanging shared mobility idea, we encourage you to apply to the National Shared Mobility Summit’s 2020 Startup Spotlight, which highlights the most innovative and promising entrepreneurs, and offers a chance for startups, experts, and agencies to interact.

Meet the judges for the Startup Spotlight Pitch Session happening Tuesday, March 17:

  • Jason Blumberg, CEO & Managing Director, Energy Foundry
  • Beth Bond, Head of City Development, Bosch
  • Trey Ingram, Program Manager | North America, Toyota Mobility Foundation

Check out what past winners have to say.

”[The Shared Mobility Summit] is a world class conference, bringing together mobility experts ranging from academia, C suite executives, transit operators, government, and the community at large to discuss the future of mobility. We were honored to be invited as one of the top 10 innovative startups in 2018 to participate, and even more excited to have won the competition for #1 Mobility Startup to Watch. This has accelerated our growth tremendously with various governments, transit agencies and strategic corporations.”
Anthony W. Shannon, Co-Founder
2018 Winner MUVE

“If you’re a stakeholder in the mobility space, the SUMC Summit is the one conference you must attend. In 2019, we were invited to participate in the Startup Spotlight. This offered us the experience of pitching our product in front of hundreds of the top players in the mobility space. This garnered us a ton of attention and when we took home the #1 Mobility Startup to Watch, we were able to kickstart conversations that translated to significant growth. We are thrilled to be part of the SUMC network and can’t wait to see what this year’s Summit brings!”

Megan Broccoli, Co-Founder & COO
2019 Winner Wise Mobility


2020 Startup Spotlight Sponsored by

Application deadline is 2/14/20

All finalists will be notified by 2/21/20.