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We know you’re sick of Zoom presentations so this year we’re sticking to conversations. Each week in July, we’ll dig into a focus area with four-hour blocks each Tuesday, featuring key conversations on headline issues, quick-hit follow-up forums, roundtable discussions, breakouts, and networking events. Add in one-hour, informal Echo Sessions each Thursday and we’ll strengthen (and diversify) our connections all month long.

Each week focuses on different areas of our national infrastructure:

  • July 6: Informational & Physical Systems
  • July 13: Financial & Funding Systems
  • July 20: Policy & Institutional Systems
  • July 27: Social & Political Systems

We’ll also be featuring our new Mobility Justice Spotlight each Thursday—which you can learn more about here—to host real experiences of mobility justice impacted by our cities’ societal foundations. Explore the full program below.

All program events are in Central Time

We’ll be updating it regularly so keep an eye out for new announcements and details through our weekly Mobility Hub newsletter.


The Shared-Use Mobility Center is a public-interest organization dedicated to achieving equitable, affordable, and environmentally sound mobility across the US through the efficient sharing of transportation assets. By connecting the public and private sectors, piloting programs, conducting new research, and providing policy and technical expertise to cities and regions, SUMC seeks to extend the benefits of shared mobility for all.