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The Big Shift: Our Commitment and Purpose

Equity Intent

The Shared-Use Mobility Center recognizes and acknowledges that our current transportation and mobility systems provide unfair advantages to some people and communities and put unfair burdens on others. Further, our current systems were built on discriminatory assumptions; literally the concrete foundations of structural racism in our towns and cities. Without active and conscious intervention, innovations to the current systems will only continue to propagate injustice.

Climate Crisis Imperative

The transportation sector generates the largest share of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (28%) in the United States. We are in a climate emergency and need to reach net-zero GHG emissions before 2050 to have a chance of avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. Electrification alone is not enough to decarbonize transportation and decarbonization is not enough to make our systems more equitable. We must prioritize addressing the increased impact of climate change on the marginalized.

At this Summit:

We will NOT avoid the painful and uncomfortable conversations.

We will be conscious of the power relationships in the structure of our conference sessions and in the choice of speakers and panelists.

We will be intentional about the representation of BIPOC voices and the voices of people and communities that suffer the unfair burdens imposed by current transportation and mobility systems.

We will seek understanding of diverging views, and foster engagement, but not sacrifice a commitment to justice and truth for easy consensus.